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Advantages Of Fiberglass Stake

Fiberglass stake is a composite material with fiberglass and its products (fiberglass cloth, tape, felt, yarn, etc.) as reinforcement material and synthetic resin as matrix material.  The concept of composite material refers to a material that can not meet the requirements of use, need to be composed of two or more than two kinds of materials composite together, another can meet the requirements of the material, that is, composite material.

For example, a single glass fiber, although the strength is very high, the fibers are loose, can only withstand tension, can not withstand bending, shear, and compressive stress, but also not easy to make a fixed geometric shape, is soft.  If glued them together with synthetic resins, they can be made into rigid products of a variety of fixed shapes capable of withstanding tensile stresses as well as bending, compression, and shear stresses.  This creates a fiberglass reinforced plastic matrix composite,D.bella.

Due to its strength of steel, and glass components, also has a glass color, shape, such as corrosion resistance, electrical insulation, heat insulation performance, such as glass, formed in the history of this easy to understand name of the “glass”, by the former national building materials industry minister this noun is put forward in 1958, the building materials system expansion to the nation,  It is still commonly used today.  Thus it can be seen that the meaning of FRP refers to glass fiber reinforced materials, synthetic resin as binder reinforced plastic, said abroad glass fiber reinforced plastic.  With the development of the FRP industry in China, as a reinforced material based on plastic, it has been expanded from glass fiber to carbon fiber, boron fiber, aramid fiber, alumina fiber, and silicon carbide fiber.

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  • Sep 29, 2021
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