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Using Fiberglass Snow Stakes/Driveway Marker Insinstead of Wooden Stake

In winter, there is a lot of snow on the road. When workers remove the snow, they often cannot see what is underneath because of the snow cover, which will not only damage public equipment, but even cause safety accidents.  


When you plow, you don't just want to clear the land quickly so you can move on to the next one.  You also need to do it without damaging property or equipment.  One product that can help you do both is driveway markers, also called snow stakes.


Many people used to use wooden piles, with a hammer to hit the pile into the ground, which is really a low efficiency and tiring work, first of all, the corrosion resistance of the pile is poor, secondly, the hardness of the pile is not enough, may be broken in the process of installation, the service life is very short, not nearly cause a waste of money, but also time-consuming and laborious.


Thankfully, the introduction of fibreglass lane markings in recent years has revolutionised farming.  Fiberglass posts are lighter, more visible, easier to install, last longer and can be reused.  


Snow Stakes | Driveway Markers

  • Oct 21, 2021
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